At Seabit, we understand the realty that, efficiency and accuracy of your accounting is the key to the growth and profitability of your business. We have designed our flagship product ‘Intelligent GST Accounting software’ not as simple accounting software but much more than that. With powerful business intelligence tool, you can generate any kind of report you want. You can classify your merchandize in categories like brand, product, model, color, sizes etc. You can have any kind of sales, purchase, stock reports on these classifications, that has been never been provided by any accounting software. Intelligent Trade comes with customizable customer, Vendor, Sales and Purchase modules. It provide you flexible WYSWYG document designer to design elegant quotations, invoices etc to send to your valuable customer. It covers all taxation parts like VAT, State Tax, TDS, and FBT of India.


Seabit uses latest technologies and develop high-performance products and provide its clients with the best tools available for confronting the realities of effective accounting. The reporting of Intelligent is state of art. It can be integrated with MS Excel, PDF, text and Html etc. The reports come with smart finder and filters tools. On click of button you can email report to your customers, vendors etc. By effort of Seabitians clubbed with rapid enhancement and development process, you will find many more features in future releases.

Our commitment to offering value-priced and reliable products makes Intelligent Trade as a perfect accounting and business management software for Retail, Wholesale and Distribution business.

Seabit strives to become a one-stop organization for client’s entire spectrum of software and information technology requirements. This ensures that our clients can depend on a single, reliable partner for all their IT needs instead of having to deal with multiple vendors and service providers.

Seabit’s next generation ‘Intelligent ERP’ has CRM, SCM, finance, Inventory Control, Manufacturing, Retail, HR, Service & maintenance modules. It covers every aspect of big a business house i.e. manufacturing, distribution, warehouses, retail outlets etc. The retail outlets, branches and warehouses located at different part of world connects to head office through internet using secure VPN. The locations only required a simple broadband connection, therefore it minimize the operating cost of an ERP.

Seabit is headquartered at Kolkata, with a customer base in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Dubai apart from Eastern Region of India.