IntelligentGST Accounting Software is a sophisticated, robust accounting and business management software for small and midsize businesses. Intelligent Accounting software offers you the power, flexibility and support you need to face today's challenges confidently.

IntelligentGST is an efficient and easy-to-use graphic interface consistent from screen to screen that makes for easy data entry and reporting. IntelligentGST is suitable for businesses that require a fully integrated, feature-rich financial management application.

GST Returns.

IntelligentGST Accounting Software maintains all statutory GST reports and returns. You can file GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3, GSTR-3B, GSTR4, GSTR5, GSTR5A, GSTR6 and GSTR9.

Account Books.

IntelligentGST Accounting Software maintains all the Primary books of accounts like Cash book, Bank Book, Day Book etc., all registers like Purchase Register, Sales Register, Purchase Register and Journal Registers and all statements of accounts like Balance sheet, Profit and Loss and Trial Balance, Cash Flow, Fund Flow & Stock Statement.

General Ledger.

IntelligentGST Accounting Software maintains details of all ledgers that an account user creates. You can define your chart of accounts, i.e., maintain groups, ledger etc. Ledger reports can be used for the scrutiny of accounts. Most accounting systems across the globe follow the concept of separate Personal and Nominal accounts. IntelligentGST follows the concept of single ledger systems, which includes both Personal and Nominal accounts.

Accounts Receivable and Accounts payable.

Accounts Receivables is the amount to be received from The Sundry Debtors, and Accounts Payable is the amount to be paid to The Sundry Creditors. IntelligentGST Accounting Software provides complete bill-wise information of amounts receivable and payable or either Party or Group-wise. This feature can track bills, payments/receipts, including advances.

Flexible Classification of Accounting Heads / Chart of Accounts.

IntelligentGST Accounting Software offers predefined, widely used Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet groups and allows you to create account heads per your requirements. Further, you can create any number of groups and account heads as per your requirement., which can either be a Primary or a Sub-Group. A user is allowed to alter the nomenclature of any of these groups. Intelligent enables the user to have multiple tree-like structure groupings.

Bank Reconciliation.

Intelligent provides the user with a facility to reconcile bank accounts with his bank statement, providing the user with information regarding transactions that haven't been cleared yet by the bank.

Intelligent is customizable.

Every business has its challenges and its way of doing things. We designed IntelligentGST Accounting Software to be so flexible and adaptable. It is tailored to your unique business and can help you be more efficient, productive and profitable. Here's how you can customize 'IntelligentGST' to your unique needs. Choose the IntelligentGST module you need. Modules are like mini-applications that can be added to your data. So, if one day you need to do business in a foreign currency, make estimates, or sell and purchase goods on a consignment basis, add an appropriate module to your IntelligentGST Billing Software.

Define your fields in the master and transaction module.

You can add up to 30 optional fields to your sales and purchase-related modules. You can add up to 20 optional fields in customer masters, Vendor masters, Account masters, Payment, Receipt, Journal modules etc.

Multiple Document Templates.

You can have multiple entry templates for a document like an invoice, purchase etc.

Professional-looking templates you can customize.

Create professional-looking estimates and invoices. You can customize them with a few keystrokes. Choose from pre-designed Invoice, Quotations, Money receipts, and Credit Memo forms templates that you can customize to help you present a branded and professional image of your business. You can change style, colours and fonts. You can show and hide fields. You can include even your company logo.

Drill Down/Bird's Eye Display.

IntelligentGST Accounting Software allows users to drill down from any report to lower levels of reports till the transaction entry. E.g. user can view a Balance sheet and then select the required group in the Balance Sheet and drill down till the transaction.

Record your expenses quickly.

Where is your money going? IntelligentGST Accounting Software has a simple module to record expenses and print checks. Every time you pay a bill or record expenses, 'IntelligentGST' keeps your records updated to you will know where you stand.

Complete and accurate records at tax time.

Make tax time a snap when all of your information is organized, with no last-minute panic. IntelligentGST Accounting Software keeps track of tax-related income and expenses year round as you write checks and receive payments. So there's no need to scramble at tax time. IntelligentGST Accounting Software's GST automation tax module helps you complete GST returns without hassle.

Essential business information at your fingertips.

You'll always know where your business stands with IntelligentGST's Reports. See who owes you money and how much. Find out who your best customers are and what they're buying.

Re-Use information instead of re-typing it.

Type information about a customer, vendor or product once and never type it again. Enter the first few letters on any invoice, payment, receipt, or other modules. IntelligentGST Accounting Software starts filling in the rest automatically in auto search list boxes. Create new estimates by duplicating the existing ones. You can turn estimates or sale orders into an invoice with the click of a button. Billing has never been so easy.

Real-Time Reports.

IntelligentGST Accounting Software updates all reports (from day book to Balance sheets) as and when the transactions are entered and hence does not need any back end or day/period end process to be done.

Multiple Companies.

IntelligentGST Accounting Software allows users to create and maintain any number of companies. Hence the user can maintain all his companies/branch companies and accounts in IntelligentGST Accounting Software. The account user can also handle companies concurrently, i.e. the user can load more than one company and simultaneously work on all or any of the companies loaded by shuffling between companies as and when required.


IntelligentGST Accounting Software maintains books of accounts in base currency. Intelligent also allows users to enter transactions in multiple currencies and view reports in any of the currencies that have been created. The user can thus invoice his foreign customers in foreign currency and receive payments in foreign currency. If there is any forex gain/loss, then it reflects the same immediately in the concerned parties' ledger accounts. The gain or loss can be transferred to a forex account using a Journal (use voucher class). The user can also view and print ledger accounts in the currency in which the transaction has been entered. IntelligentGST also allows the user to view & print all reports in currencies.

Cash Flow.

IntelligentGST Accounting Software provides a cash flow statement using which the user can track the movement of cash flow, i.e. cash inflow, as well as the cash-out Flow (both cash & bank included) in his business. The report also displays a net flow for any period. The user can also get a daily cash flow statement (F4). By selecting the F12 (configuration) option, the user can activate average details and get average cash inflow/out Flow for any period.

Interest Calculations/ Cost of finance.

This is one of the most powerful features available in IntelligentGST Accounting Software. IntelligentGST automatically calculates interest based on the information furnished by the user at the time of the creation of ledgers. The user can now view the impact of interest accumulated against each ledger and, in turn, against each transaction. Although IntelligentGST provides exhaustive information on interest implications, the interest amounts are not brought into books. The user now has the option to book the interest calculated as per his requirements. Interest is calculated on a simple and compound basis and can be entered into books by passing debit notes for interest receivables and credit notes for interest payable.

Fund Flow.

Funds Flow a statement that reflects the movement in working capital and flow due to operations, movement of capital and acquisition and sale of fixed assets. IntelligentGST Accounting Software automatically tracks all the transactions entered and readily provides a Funds Flow Statement.

Stock Category.

In many cases, the user would want to classify Stock items which perform a similar function or are identical but are grouped under different Stock Groups (e.g. Groups based on brand). Hence IntelligentGST Accounting Software provides a feature called Stock Categories. Stock Categories can be defined as a parallel classification of stock items. If you take the example given under Stock Groups, all brands (Sony, Panasonic, Samsung etc.) could have 29″, 25″, and 21″ tvs. The user could create 29″ as a Stock Category. Hence all 29″ TVs (across Brands) could come under the classification' 29″ TV Category'. Now the user can view reports which display 29″ TVs only and can also provide his customers with options for other 29″ TV brands. If you want to query on a particular item, select the stock query report to find the detail of that specific item.If an item does not exist, the IntelligentGST will display all other relevant items and hence provide its customer with a better choice in terms of product and price.

Multiple Warehouse / Locations.

A warehouse is a storage place where materials are stored. Hence warehouses could be locations or even storage racks. Most companies would maintain warehouses and require stock statements for individual warehouses. IntelligentGST Accounting Software offers its users a feature called Locations (Warehouses). IntelligentGST allows its users to create multiple Locations (warehouses). Hence, when entering an inventory transaction (sales, purchase, stock journal etc.), IntelligentGST enable the user to specify locations where stock items are to be stored or dispatched. E.g. if the user is entering a purchase transaction, the user will have to specify the location where the item will be stored. Similarly, while entering a sales transaction, the user must specify a location from which the goods will be issued.IntelligentGST Accounting Software also allows users to transfer materials from one location to another. The user can view stock reports for one Location, compare one Location with another, and get a consolidated stock report. The user can also create locations to keep track of job works and Sub-contract, i.e. the item issued to and received from job works. Each Job Work / Sub-Contract can be equated to a location.

Stock Transfers to Warehouses

IntelligentGST Accounting Software allows the transfer of materials from one warehouse to another. Transfer of materials can be done using the Stock Transfer module. You can customize stock transfer as per your requirement.